Do I Need Depression Counseling?

Many people struggle with depression but may not be sure if they should see a therapist. That’s why we’re talking today with Dr. Jane Rubin about depression counseling and how it can be helpful to you if you think you might be experiencing depression.

What Motivates People to Go to a Therapist for Depression Counseling?

At some point, people with major depression usually realize they need help. Major depression includes very serious symptoms, such as:

  • A depressed mood most of the day.
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What Are the Causes of Anxiety?

Do you suffer from anxiety? Do you struggle to understand why you’re so anxious? Dr. Jane Rubin talks about how understanding the causes of anxiety can help you find relief.

From Your Perspective, What are the Causes of Anxiety?

When we think of anxiety, we often think about symptoms. We group those symptoms into categories such as social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, performance anxiety, and so on.

When people come to therapy, they’re looking for relief from their symptoms. However, I’ve found that focusing exclusively…Read More

Can Shame Keep You From Finding Your Direction in Life?

Many people are burdened by feelings of shame. They feel there is something deeply wrong with them, even though they often can’t identify what it is. What they often don’t recognize is how their feelings of shame can prevent them from finding their direction in life. Dr. Jane Rubin explains how shame can interfere with your ability to make good life choices.

How Has Shame Affected Your Clients’ Ability To Find Their Direction in Life?

It has affected them in many ways. One important way is that it has interfered…Read More

Psychotherapy for Depression and Shame

Many people who suffer from depression also struggle with intense feelings of shame. This week, we are talking with Dr. Jane Rubin about psychotherapy for depression and what patients need to know about depression and shame when seeking out treatment.

What Do You Think People Need to Know about Depression and Shame?

I think it’s really important for people to recognize how often shame accompanies depression. Many people feel ashamed of being depressed. They think that being depressed means that there’s something wrong with them. In addition, shame can…Read More

Anxiety Treatment and Shame

This month we are talking with Dr. Jane Rubin about the connection between anxiety and shame. Dr. Rubin talks about how you can reduce your anxiety by understanding how shame contributes to it.

What Kinds of Shame Do You See in Clients?

First of all, I think it’s important to understand the difference between shame and guilt. We experience guilt when we feel bad about something we have or haven’t done. The guilt is about the action.

We experience shame Read More